Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 1

3:30 am 1/2 salmon wrap w/ lots of veggies and a little avocado
4:30 am a bunch of super yummy pan popped popcorn from a co-worker
6:40 am String Cheese
4:00 pm Cereal and soy milk and a hard boiled egg
6:30 pm -7:30 pm PROJECT POOLSIDE @ SCOTT FITNESS (aka boot camp for your booty)
7:40 pm Shake w/ Big B (my new B vitamin mix, made the shake yummier and healthier at the same time)
8:10 pm Skin from left over baked potato
9:40 pm Amy's Kitchen Burrito w/ homemade guac; spinach salad w/ guac and a little dressing and 1/4 c frozen yogurt

Total Approx. Calories = 1550

Not bad for the 1st day back on track.


Best Stuff: Went to class, stayed in calorie range, got new Big B vitamin powder (that I won on-line)and I like it, took a power nap before work, got the whole CC (children's center)cleaned in 30 min.

Areas to strengthen: Walk Jersey longer, do 8 Min in AM, make better food choices (should have eaten less popcorn, and cereal I had was high in sugar but it's gone now so no more)

Things I learned today: Wear good gym clothes. I didn't today because I was in a hurry so I wore baggy sweats and a t-shirt to class. Bad idea. Not only was it discouraging to look in the mirror it was a pain in the butt. I had to tuck the t-shirt in so it didn't come up or hang down. I will definitely take the extra 2 minutes to put on my stuff designed for the gym from now on.

I also read a great article on the need for sleep. Nothing super shocking but reinforced the power of sleep and the importance of getting enough of it especially if you are trying to lose weight.

The Numbers

I weighed and measured today. These numbers are the starting line. Everything before was the warm-up now it is go time.

Smallest part of waist: 37"
Biggest part of belly (around belly button): 41"
Hips: 44.5"
Bust: 43"
Chest: 38"
Right Thigh (at largest part): 25.5"
Right Upper Arm (at largest part): 12.75"
Total inches: 241.75"

Weight: 206.4


Lose 30lbs and 30" by 30

Weight: 176.4
Total Inches: 211.74

I will update these numbers every Sunday from here on out.

Once I stop hacking up green stuff daily I will do two trial runs one to see how fast I can complete a mile and one to see how far I can run maintaining a 5 mph pace. And rotate these goals weekly for updates.


Speed: 6 min mile (just one mile all out)
Distance: 13.5 miles