Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Update w/ Weights and Measures (1st ed)

Starting Stats:

Smallest part of waist: 37"
Biggest part of belly (around belly button): 41"
Hips: 44.5"
Bust: 43"
Chest: 38"
Right Thigh (at largest part): 25.5"
Right Upper Arm (at largest part): 12.75"
Total inches: 241.75"

Weight: 206.4


SPW: 36.5" (-.5")
BPB: 39" (-2") (WOOOOHOOO!!!)
Hips: 44.5" (no loss but that might be good maybe I am building a booty yay!!)
Bust: 44" (I did this one twice to make sure I don't know how they got bigger)
Chest: 38" (it's all rib cage I am not sure how much it will really change)
Rght Thigh: 25" (-.5")
Rght Arm: 12.5" (-.25")

Weight: 205.4

I was pretty stoked/ suprised by the results considering it wasn't a full week and the last couple days I have been way over on calories I can't wait to see how things go next week!! The excitement of learning and doing better each day and week is exciting.

Day 4+

4 AM 1/4 Bagel and PB
12:30 PM eggs w/ feta and spinach
1:30 PM 1/2 Turkey Burger
6:00 PM Chickpea Tangine, Frozen Yogurt and Big B/Kefir Shake
10:00 pm Sonic Burger w/ mustard 1/2 small tot
10:30 PM - 2:30 AM Alcohol and LOTS OF DANCING!!!!!
3:30 AM Jimmy John's
5:30 AM 1 slice pizza

Another day of way too many calories but I burned tons on the dance floor. I made bad decisions in the late night hours but I did GREAT the first half of the day. I have decided to use this as an opportunity. You may notice that 3:30 and 5:30 AM are after mid-night I have decided to switch up how I calculate a day. From here on out a day will be from when I wake up to when I go to sleep just like the rest of the world. It makes more sense and it keeps me from using the mid-night dividing line for leverage.

Good Stuff: Hanging with shortie and her friends at brunch, sharing info about clean eating and, dancing the night away with so many amazing friends, possibly starting dancing salsa again with Gahdeer, singing REO Speedwagon in bed w/ Beau when I couldn't sleep

Stuff to Improve: Walk Jersey longer, wake up for Project Poolside, have a specific easy to remember plan for eating when I know I will be drinking

Stuff I learned: Kona has a good turkey burger and walking is as important as sleeping (see previous post)

Walking as Important as Sleep

Great article on the importance of walking. I will definitely try to make my walk with Jersey longer now and make them a bigger priority. It will be good for both of us. I will add my walk time length to the daily report.