Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rock the Parkway

It's not looking to good for the first race I had planned on running this year. Training has been rocky (no pun intended) and now my Dad is in the hospital and I have re-developed pink eye. The training for this week looks to be pretty much out the window. Oh, well there is always the next race.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iPod Playlist

I have a few songs that always get me moving during different parts of my run. I would love to hear yours.

"Knock you Down" Kari Hilson and Kanye West (my opener)
"Run this Town" Jay Z, Rhianna and Kanye (RUN, this town)
"Beautiful Liar" Shakira and Beyonce
"Empire State of Mind" Jay z and Alicia Keys
"American Boy" Estelle and Kanye
"Future Sex Love Sound" Justin Timberlake
"Rockin Robin" Jackson 5
"Bring'em Out" TI
"Don't Stop Believing" Journey

The pauses between songs and stuff throw me off. I may have to invest in getting a couple 45 min mixes made. I am taking suggestions on songs to include.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jersey and Other Gifts that Make my Life Good

I have been noticing lately a lot of my favorite things are gifts people have given me or made possible. Just today I observed these four favs:

1) My awesome apartment, compliments of Jenny (I could NEVER afford a place like this on my own).

2) My baby girl Jersey via Anthony.

3) My perfect Tom's shoes. They are so great for casual wear and wearing to Yoga. I feel so good when I wear them. Do you know the story of your shoes? Thank you sister I love them!

4) My favorite magazine now arrives at my house thanks to my generous cousin Jessica. I got my first one last week and I love it!!

I have a whole bunch of stuff to thank Beau for. But I will dedicate a post to that later. I like the idea of taking the time to acknowledge the gifts in my life. I may make this a regular thing.


Today I woke up motivated.

I got my fancy necklace in the mail and my roommate was cleaning house. She also invited me to a 7 o'clock yoga class. I loved this class the last time I went, so I knew I wanted to go. I had plans with another friend to talk about how we can live a more passionate version of our lives and discuss some writing ideas. I had also promised myself and all of you I would run 3 times this week and I wanted today to be the first of the three. So I grabbed Jersey, my iPod, some water and headed out the door.

Luckily I had a few almonds in my bag to fuel my run. The goal was thirty straight minutes. I made it 27.5 which as my nike+ noted was my longest workout to date. I know it is not much but I haven't really been running much since my first 5k two years ago so I actually felt pretty good about it. The weather was perfect and the park was pretty. Overall it was a great way to spend half an hour. I made it back in time to help finish up the cleaning, eat, and get ready for Yoga. The class was great like last time, and the lady at the desk keeps not collecting the guest pass with a wink, so I will keep coming back as much as she lets me.

After Yoga I came home, freshened up a bit, and headed to my friend's house. We caught up and talked about drawing out the best stuff in each other and in our lives, and then we dreamed a little. Then I had to stop by Beau's and headed in to work. It has been a pretty quiet night for once and it feels great. I have been reading my magazines and relaxing most of the time.

I have decided I want to add more pics to my blog so add that to yesterday's list. I will start taking and posting more pics!

Oh, yeah today has been a good eating day too!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I hate when I get behind

and I feel like I am always behind.

Between now and next Sunday morning I will:

1) get this blog caught up
2) go through my awesome magazines and update my notebook
3) give a weight and measure update
4) not eat any sweets again
5) run 3 times and attend at least 2 classes at the gym

Topics to look forward to this week:

1) IPOD play lists
2) Sugar Fast
3) Vitamins (fish oil and D)
4) Visualization exercises
5) Inspirational Quotes
6) Pound For Pound challenge
7) Debt update after I get paid on Friday :)
8) The usual food, workout etc run down
9) New followers
10) Life inspirations

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not sure what day I am on but I am way behind

The last few days have been a bit like a roller coaster. Come out of funk, get excited and energized about being out of funk, workout, eat well, get pink eye, keep eating well and try to workout. To stay motivated I watched a lot of Biggest Loser with one eye. Since I could not physically workout I wanted to at least keep my head in the game. It worked, my excitement increased and I really want to workout etc. as soon as possible. I walked Jersey a little over a mile today. It was overcast but warm, the neighbors must have thought I was crazy with my sunglasses on but my eye was still sensitive. I am really glad I paid for the race already because it has been my wake-up call that I have to keep moving. I wish I didn't keep getting sick but it doesn't really matter cause it is already paid for and I have to push through to get ready for it. If it wasn't paid for I can tell I would be even more prone to slacking. I have 3 weeks. Hopefully I can return to the gym tomorrow or Wednesday. If my eye is not healed enough to go in public hopefully I will feel good enough to run outside.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Days 13-14

I did good both days but I over did it at some point.

Day 13 I ran outside and used my nike+ which totally made my day. I am very excited to have that toy again (if anyone is on nike+ and wants to compete or join something together I am totally game). Then my roommate invited me to a restorative yoga class at her fancy new gym. The class was amazing and I felt great afterwards.

Day 14 sister sent me a text about doing a class with her and warming up on the EFX. This sounded like the perfect non-running day workout. When I got to the gym she and Nat were on the treadmills I was feeling really good and decided to run again but just do easy intervals. Then the class came and we did this bend over with a weight in your hand while lifting your leg behind you thing. I knew while I was doing it that I was hurting in a bad not a good way. I modified it by putting down the weight but I still don't think I should have done that move. My hamstrings and lower back are beyond sore. I could barely walk yesterday and still can't squat or bend over and not in that cool "I got a good workout" kind of way. Lesson learned don't run two days in a row and listen to bad hurts cause they don't like to go away.

I keep feeling myself getting in a funk but I am trying hard not to, especially with the boy's B-Day being tomorrow. On that note the things I am focusing on to help fend off the funk are:

1) New finger nail polish
2) 2 new magazines to go through and put in the notebook tonight
3) Diet Orange soda being in the work fridge
4) It is supposed to hit 50 degrees this weekend
5) Realizing there was a time when being where I am now was the goal


"be able to shop at regular stores and have a cool wardrobe" - Banana is a fav now but there was a time where I could only shop at Lane Bryant and Torrid, and I feel good about the clothes I wear most of the time

"be able to afford Chipotle" - it is not as coveted as it once was but being so broke you have to wait weeks for a $6 burrito was no fun and though not out of the woods should I crave it I can afford it just about anytime

"own a cool dog" - Jersey definitely fits the bill even if Beau doesn't always agree

"use good cosmetics and hair products" - no more bad stuff on my face and hair just because it is cheaper bare essentials, stilla and deva curl products now reign supreme

"live in a cool apartment decorated well" - while it is true; I can't take any credit for it, my roommate found the place, decorated it and makes it affordable for my broke-self to live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in KC

These goals are pretty old and may not seem very lofty but 7 years ago when I set them they were far off dreams. It does feel good to realize that however slowly, I am moving, and doing so in the right direction. It also helps me realize I do accomplish things and that I can accomplish this whole 30 by 30 thing too.