Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not sure what day I am on but I am way behind

The last few days have been a bit like a roller coaster. Come out of funk, get excited and energized about being out of funk, workout, eat well, get pink eye, keep eating well and try to workout. To stay motivated I watched a lot of Biggest Loser with one eye. Since I could not physically workout I wanted to at least keep my head in the game. It worked, my excitement increased and I really want to workout etc. as soon as possible. I walked Jersey a little over a mile today. It was overcast but warm, the neighbors must have thought I was crazy with my sunglasses on but my eye was still sensitive. I am really glad I paid for the race already because it has been my wake-up call that I have to keep moving. I wish I didn't keep getting sick but it doesn't really matter cause it is already paid for and I have to push through to get ready for it. If it wasn't paid for I can tell I would be even more prone to slacking. I have 3 weeks. Hopefully I can return to the gym tomorrow or Wednesday. If my eye is not healed enough to go in public hopefully I will feel good enough to run outside.


  1. Hi Tracy! I'm new to this blogging thing too. Just wanted to say hello and that I will be following you through your training. I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon this April. you can check out my journey on www.runnernthemaking.blogspot.com Jackie

  2. that is so exciting I love new folks to do this craziness with my first half is in October!!