Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jersey and Other Gifts that Make my Life Good

I have been noticing lately a lot of my favorite things are gifts people have given me or made possible. Just today I observed these four favs:

1) My awesome apartment, compliments of Jenny (I could NEVER afford a place like this on my own).

2) My baby girl Jersey via Anthony.

3) My perfect Tom's shoes. They are so great for casual wear and wearing to Yoga. I feel so good when I wear them. Do you know the story of your shoes? Thank you sister I love them!

4) My favorite magazine now arrives at my house thanks to my generous cousin Jessica. I got my first one last week and I love it!!

I have a whole bunch of stuff to thank Beau for. But I will dedicate a post to that later. I like the idea of taking the time to acknowledge the gifts in my life. I may make this a regular thing.


Today I woke up motivated.

I got my fancy necklace in the mail and my roommate was cleaning house. She also invited me to a 7 o'clock yoga class. I loved this class the last time I went, so I knew I wanted to go. I had plans with another friend to talk about how we can live a more passionate version of our lives and discuss some writing ideas. I had also promised myself and all of you I would run 3 times this week and I wanted today to be the first of the three. So I grabbed Jersey, my iPod, some water and headed out the door.

Luckily I had a few almonds in my bag to fuel my run. The goal was thirty straight minutes. I made it 27.5 which as my nike+ noted was my longest workout to date. I know it is not much but I haven't really been running much since my first 5k two years ago so I actually felt pretty good about it. The weather was perfect and the park was pretty. Overall it was a great way to spend half an hour. I made it back in time to help finish up the cleaning, eat, and get ready for Yoga. The class was great like last time, and the lady at the desk keeps not collecting the guest pass with a wink, so I will keep coming back as much as she lets me.

After Yoga I came home, freshened up a bit, and headed to my friend's house. We caught up and talked about drawing out the best stuff in each other and in our lives, and then we dreamed a little. Then I had to stop by Beau's and headed in to work. It has been a pretty quiet night for once and it feels great. I have been reading my magazines and relaxing most of the time.

I have decided I want to add more pics to my blog so add that to yesterday's list. I will start taking and posting more pics!

Oh, yeah today has been a good eating day too!