Monday, February 22, 2010

If You Have More Than 3 Priorities You Don't Have Any

A professor said this in class one day and it has taken on a whole new life. I am a person who always has way to many irons in the fire and directions to go. This year I am pouring all my focus into 3 things:

My Health
My Finances
My Relationships

Life is what you make it and I believe taking control of these three things will make my life the best version. This blog is primarily about the first focus area but it incorporates some of the third, so in the spirit of rounding things out I would like to share a bit about the 2nd. I have worked in non-profit for over a decade and that equals being broke for over a decade.

My goal by the end of January 2011 is to pay off all non-school related debt (including Christmas), save $1500 in my IRA, up IRA contribution to $50 per month and, begin contributing 10% to my 401K again.

This is all on my current salary, one that happens to qualify me for section 8 and food stamps. I am also looking for ways to increase this income. I plan to start free lance writing, taking photos again, in the summer bake cookies to sell, possibly start a gift wrapping service around Christmas, and a friend and I are brain storming ideas for a magazine. I have also been applying for more lucrative jobs that utilize my degree. I am open to all kinds of ideas big and small.

I am gonna try to figure out those countdown boxes and post both my weight loss and debt loss progress.

Day 5


Didn't really keep track lets just say it included, pizza, a Chinese buffet, freakin brownies and way too many calories. I had to work a double at work and I would like to blame the overeating on being awake too long but I was in trouble long before the extension.

Good Stuff: Did take Big B supplement, made fresh baked "french fries" to go with home made turkey chili and it was yum, pretty sure I got all the overeating out of my system by going sooooo overboard.

Stuff to Improve: Well everything, walk Jersey longer, workout, PLAN meals, stay in calorie range, use overeating resources and strategies, sleep ...

Stuff I Learned: I have to have a plan!!!! Overeating is NO longer comforting to me it is quite the opposite, which is a huge breakthrough and the more healthy things work and the more I recognize eating doesn't the closer I am to being free!