Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rock the Parkway

It's not looking to good for the first race I had planned on running this year. Training has been rocky (no pun intended) and now my Dad is in the hospital and I have re-developed pink eye. The training for this week looks to be pretty much out the window. Oh, well there is always the next race.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iPod Playlist

I have a few songs that always get me moving during different parts of my run. I would love to hear yours.

"Knock you Down" Kari Hilson and Kanye West (my opener)
"Run this Town" Jay Z, Rhianna and Kanye (RUN, this town)
"Beautiful Liar" Shakira and Beyonce
"Empire State of Mind" Jay z and Alicia Keys
"American Boy" Estelle and Kanye
"Future Sex Love Sound" Justin Timberlake
"Rockin Robin" Jackson 5
"Bring'em Out" TI
"Don't Stop Believing" Journey

The pauses between songs and stuff throw me off. I may have to invest in getting a couple 45 min mixes made. I am taking suggestions on songs to include.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jersey and Other Gifts that Make my Life Good

I have been noticing lately a lot of my favorite things are gifts people have given me or made possible. Just today I observed these four favs:

1) My awesome apartment, compliments of Jenny (I could NEVER afford a place like this on my own).

2) My baby girl Jersey via Anthony.

3) My perfect Tom's shoes. They are so great for casual wear and wearing to Yoga. I feel so good when I wear them. Do you know the story of your shoes? Thank you sister I love them!

4) My favorite magazine now arrives at my house thanks to my generous cousin Jessica. I got my first one last week and I love it!!

I have a whole bunch of stuff to thank Beau for. But I will dedicate a post to that later. I like the idea of taking the time to acknowledge the gifts in my life. I may make this a regular thing.


Today I woke up motivated.

I got my fancy necklace in the mail and my roommate was cleaning house. She also invited me to a 7 o'clock yoga class. I loved this class the last time I went, so I knew I wanted to go. I had plans with another friend to talk about how we can live a more passionate version of our lives and discuss some writing ideas. I had also promised myself and all of you I would run 3 times this week and I wanted today to be the first of the three. So I grabbed Jersey, my iPod, some water and headed out the door.

Luckily I had a few almonds in my bag to fuel my run. The goal was thirty straight minutes. I made it 27.5 which as my nike+ noted was my longest workout to date. I know it is not much but I haven't really been running much since my first 5k two years ago so I actually felt pretty good about it. The weather was perfect and the park was pretty. Overall it was a great way to spend half an hour. I made it back in time to help finish up the cleaning, eat, and get ready for Yoga. The class was great like last time, and the lady at the desk keeps not collecting the guest pass with a wink, so I will keep coming back as much as she lets me.

After Yoga I came home, freshened up a bit, and headed to my friend's house. We caught up and talked about drawing out the best stuff in each other and in our lives, and then we dreamed a little. Then I had to stop by Beau's and headed in to work. It has been a pretty quiet night for once and it feels great. I have been reading my magazines and relaxing most of the time.

I have decided I want to add more pics to my blog so add that to yesterday's list. I will start taking and posting more pics!

Oh, yeah today has been a good eating day too!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I hate when I get behind

and I feel like I am always behind.

Between now and next Sunday morning I will:

1) get this blog caught up
2) go through my awesome magazines and update my notebook
3) give a weight and measure update
4) not eat any sweets again
5) run 3 times and attend at least 2 classes at the gym

Topics to look forward to this week:

1) IPOD play lists
2) Sugar Fast
3) Vitamins (fish oil and D)
4) Visualization exercises
5) Inspirational Quotes
6) Pound For Pound challenge
7) Debt update after I get paid on Friday :)
8) The usual food, workout etc run down
9) New followers
10) Life inspirations

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not sure what day I am on but I am way behind

The last few days have been a bit like a roller coaster. Come out of funk, get excited and energized about being out of funk, workout, eat well, get pink eye, keep eating well and try to workout. To stay motivated I watched a lot of Biggest Loser with one eye. Since I could not physically workout I wanted to at least keep my head in the game. It worked, my excitement increased and I really want to workout etc. as soon as possible. I walked Jersey a little over a mile today. It was overcast but warm, the neighbors must have thought I was crazy with my sunglasses on but my eye was still sensitive. I am really glad I paid for the race already because it has been my wake-up call that I have to keep moving. I wish I didn't keep getting sick but it doesn't really matter cause it is already paid for and I have to push through to get ready for it. If it wasn't paid for I can tell I would be even more prone to slacking. I have 3 weeks. Hopefully I can return to the gym tomorrow or Wednesday. If my eye is not healed enough to go in public hopefully I will feel good enough to run outside.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Days 13-14

I did good both days but I over did it at some point.

Day 13 I ran outside and used my nike+ which totally made my day. I am very excited to have that toy again (if anyone is on nike+ and wants to compete or join something together I am totally game). Then my roommate invited me to a restorative yoga class at her fancy new gym. The class was amazing and I felt great afterwards.

Day 14 sister sent me a text about doing a class with her and warming up on the EFX. This sounded like the perfect non-running day workout. When I got to the gym she and Nat were on the treadmills I was feeling really good and decided to run again but just do easy intervals. Then the class came and we did this bend over with a weight in your hand while lifting your leg behind you thing. I knew while I was doing it that I was hurting in a bad not a good way. I modified it by putting down the weight but I still don't think I should have done that move. My hamstrings and lower back are beyond sore. I could barely walk yesterday and still can't squat or bend over and not in that cool "I got a good workout" kind of way. Lesson learned don't run two days in a row and listen to bad hurts cause they don't like to go away.

I keep feeling myself getting in a funk but I am trying hard not to, especially with the boy's B-Day being tomorrow. On that note the things I am focusing on to help fend off the funk are:

1) New finger nail polish
2) 2 new magazines to go through and put in the notebook tonight
3) Diet Orange soda being in the work fridge
4) It is supposed to hit 50 degrees this weekend
5) Realizing there was a time when being where I am now was the goal


"be able to shop at regular stores and have a cool wardrobe" - Banana is a fav now but there was a time where I could only shop at Lane Bryant and Torrid, and I feel good about the clothes I wear most of the time

"be able to afford Chipotle" - it is not as coveted as it once was but being so broke you have to wait weeks for a $6 burrito was no fun and though not out of the woods should I crave it I can afford it just about anytime

"own a cool dog" - Jersey definitely fits the bill even if Beau doesn't always agree

"use good cosmetics and hair products" - no more bad stuff on my face and hair just because it is cheaper bare essentials, stilla and deva curl products now reign supreme

"live in a cool apartment decorated well" - while it is true; I can't take any credit for it, my roommate found the place, decorated it and makes it affordable for my broke-self to live in one of the nicest neighborhoods in KC

These goals are pretty old and may not seem very lofty but 7 years ago when I set them they were far off dreams. It does feel good to realize that however slowly, I am moving, and doing so in the right direction. It also helps me realize I do accomplish things and that I can accomplish this whole 30 by 30 thing too.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Days 9-12


The old me would blame it on cramps and discomfort etc. Truth is I made lots of bad decisions and let my emotions and my funkiness get the best of me. I didn't work out to speak of, I ate about 2000 calories or more each day and wallowed. Wallowed in my own discomfort, disappointment, self-pity and self-doubt. It is weird how that stuff builds on its self. I finally got a hold of myself by focusing on the plans I had made and working on my notebook. I set up some step goals and non-food rewards, I found my lost nike+ receiver and suddenly started feeling much better. So far day 13 is looking much better but I will write more about that tomorrow.

Here are my step goals:

5K = Utensils from ($25)
10K = Stilla make-up case ($70)
Mini Marathon = Professional massage ($100)

196.4 = Frame for quote cards ($50)
186.4 = New workout clothes ($50)
176.4 = Sign-up to sky dive ($150)

September 15th = Order B-day dress ($100)

If anyone would like to sponsor one of these step rewards that would be awesome other wise the plan is to save spare change and round my paychecks into savings (which = approx $20 per check).

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 8


Ate GOOD food and came in at exactly 1500 calories. I took Jersey on a long walk and did Project Poolside at the gym! I almost went to class in sweats and a tee again but I remembered my "stuff I learned" entry and took the 30 sec. needed to change and I was right it feels/looks way better.

Basically followed the plan I laid out in the previous post except I had 1/2 a glass of wine w/ my hummus and red pepper instead of frozen yogurt.

Good Stuff: yummy food, following the plan, class, wore good work out clothes, and vegging out with Beau after class

Stuff to Improve: ??? Life was pretty great today, ummm ... I need to drink more water!

Stuff I Learned: warming red peppers in a skillet then dipping them in hummus is freakin yummy!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Training Schedule

So I signed up (ie paid) for the run then realized I haven't been training. Luckily I found a 4 week training program that fits into my life quite nicely. I will have to adjust the classes I was taking at the gym but variety is the spice of life. So here it is the NEW schedule that starts Sunday.

Sundays = Yoga (Plaza Lib @ 1pm OR Scott Fitness River Market @ 2pm)
Mondays = 8 min abs in AM + RUN (wk 1 20 min, wk 2 25 min, wk 3 30 min, wk 4 20 min)
Tuesdays = Body Weight and Pilates @ Scott Fitness Westside
Wednesdays = 8 min abs in AM + RUN (wk 1-3 20 min wk 4 25 min)
Thursdays = Body Weight @ Scott Fitness Uptown
Fridays = Rest wk 1-3, 8 min abs in AM + 15 min run wk 4
Saturdays = 8 min abs in AM (wk 1-3) + RUN (wk 1 2 miles, wk 2 2.5 miles, wk 3 3 miles, wk 4 RACE DAY 5K)

Here we go!! Again anyone wanting to train/run together let me know :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rock the Parkway

I am officially signed- up to be a part of the traffic jam on March 27th. My first run in two years and my 2nd ever. As I signed up I felt my motivation sky rocket. I have to run now I paid for it! PLEASE join me if you are in the KC area or want to visit in March!!

Day 7

Today was much better! I didn't really record a food log but trust me I ate way better, no pizza, brownies or buffets!! I took Jersey on a longer walk and I cooked like a crazy person. Before coming home from work I went to the grocery store and bought everything I needed to make the 3 recipes I have chosen for the week. Beau came over when he got out of class to hangout and do laundry. He ended up being my own personal sous chef I was just a prep cook. I read the recipes and prepped the ingredients and he cooked them up perfectly. I always seem to learn the most on cooking days here is a sampling of what I learned:

1) Beef Stew does NOT need cumin or red pepper
2) Sometimes less really is more; if you buy quality ingredients you don't need to smother the flavors
3) Blood oranges are awesome
4) The meat at HyVee is from Iowa
5) Each shopping trip gets cheaper
6) Garlic, ginger root and other spices go a super long way when you buy fresh and prepare yourself
7) Stew meat is cheap and yummy (at least when Beau cooks it) all by its self
8) Cooking w/ Beau is fun, the food tastes better and things go much smoother
9) Ginger is yummy and fragrant
10) Healthy, flavorful food is way better than the crap I used to crave (ok still crave at times but I can't imagine it much longer)
11) You don't need a zester if you have a fork, or a food processor if you have a sharp knife
15) Rolling pins are very versatile

My favorite recipe for the week is definitely the orange pork loin. If you want the recipe (and you do it is so yummy and so easy) let me know and I will email it to you or post it.

Good Stuff: cooking w/ Beau, following through on the plan, walking Jersey longer, and cooking w/ Beau

Stuff to Improve: workout, workout, workout!!! Stick to the schedule tomorrow and beyond

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 6


Sheesh!! On the upside I meal planned and grocery shopped. Day 7-11 are planned and prepared for, from here on out I am thinking plan on Fridays, shop on Saturdays and cook on Sundays. Yes, it takes that much for me to get it right and I have to have stuff cooked for my return to work it makes all the difference in the world. My guts feel gross bad eating is such a cycle that will have to be broken over and over again. Tomorrow begins the good cycle, exercise, feel good, eat good, feel good, exercise, feel good, eat good...

On the menu for days 7-11

Chicken lettuce wraps
Protein shake w/ Kefir and Big B
Hummus and Red Pepper & 1/4 c Fro Yo
Beef Stew w/ Squash
Pork Loin and Orange Sauce
A 200 Calorie protein/fiber rich snack (almond butter and sprouted grain bread or apple)

total = 1500 calories per day = lots of yummy goodness, protein, veggies etc = Good Weekend Updates

I am Freakin Proud of Myself

Adding those little progress bars was a huge hassle. I searched for widgets and gadgets and add-ons. In the end I used common sense and the cut and paste button. One of the Blogs I follow had these cool graphs and so I right clicked on them got the source codes then cut and pasted them and re-wrote then to fit my needs. I am extremely proud of myself considering I am NOT a code person at all this is the first time I have ever tried to do anything with that stuff. So for everyone's quick refrence and my own sense of accomlishment I present to you my Weight Loss and Debt Reduction bars. Reminder that is not all my debt just all the non school debt (credit cards, medical bills, and a speeding ticket due in May is added in there too). Enjoy!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

If You Have More Than 3 Priorities You Don't Have Any

A professor said this in class one day and it has taken on a whole new life. I am a person who always has way to many irons in the fire and directions to go. This year I am pouring all my focus into 3 things:

My Health
My Finances
My Relationships

Life is what you make it and I believe taking control of these three things will make my life the best version. This blog is primarily about the first focus area but it incorporates some of the third, so in the spirit of rounding things out I would like to share a bit about the 2nd. I have worked in non-profit for over a decade and that equals being broke for over a decade.

My goal by the end of January 2011 is to pay off all non-school related debt (including Christmas), save $1500 in my IRA, up IRA contribution to $50 per month and, begin contributing 10% to my 401K again.

This is all on my current salary, one that happens to qualify me for section 8 and food stamps. I am also looking for ways to increase this income. I plan to start free lance writing, taking photos again, in the summer bake cookies to sell, possibly start a gift wrapping service around Christmas, and a friend and I are brain storming ideas for a magazine. I have also been applying for more lucrative jobs that utilize my degree. I am open to all kinds of ideas big and small.

I am gonna try to figure out those countdown boxes and post both my weight loss and debt loss progress.

Day 5


Didn't really keep track lets just say it included, pizza, a Chinese buffet, freakin brownies and way too many calories. I had to work a double at work and I would like to blame the overeating on being awake too long but I was in trouble long before the extension.

Good Stuff: Did take Big B supplement, made fresh baked "french fries" to go with home made turkey chili and it was yum, pretty sure I got all the overeating out of my system by going sooooo overboard.

Stuff to Improve: Well everything, walk Jersey longer, workout, PLAN meals, stay in calorie range, use overeating resources and strategies, sleep ...

Stuff I Learned: I have to have a plan!!!! Overeating is NO longer comforting to me it is quite the opposite, which is a huge breakthrough and the more healthy things work and the more I recognize eating doesn't the closer I am to being free!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Update w/ Weights and Measures (1st ed)

Starting Stats:

Smallest part of waist: 37"
Biggest part of belly (around belly button): 41"
Hips: 44.5"
Bust: 43"
Chest: 38"
Right Thigh (at largest part): 25.5"
Right Upper Arm (at largest part): 12.75"
Total inches: 241.75"

Weight: 206.4


SPW: 36.5" (-.5")
BPB: 39" (-2") (WOOOOHOOO!!!)
Hips: 44.5" (no loss but that might be good maybe I am building a booty yay!!)
Bust: 44" (I did this one twice to make sure I don't know how they got bigger)
Chest: 38" (it's all rib cage I am not sure how much it will really change)
Rght Thigh: 25" (-.5")
Rght Arm: 12.5" (-.25")

Weight: 205.4

I was pretty stoked/ suprised by the results considering it wasn't a full week and the last couple days I have been way over on calories I can't wait to see how things go next week!! The excitement of learning and doing better each day and week is exciting.

Day 4+

4 AM 1/4 Bagel and PB
12:30 PM eggs w/ feta and spinach
1:30 PM 1/2 Turkey Burger
6:00 PM Chickpea Tangine, Frozen Yogurt and Big B/Kefir Shake
10:00 pm Sonic Burger w/ mustard 1/2 small tot
10:30 PM - 2:30 AM Alcohol and LOTS OF DANCING!!!!!
3:30 AM Jimmy John's
5:30 AM 1 slice pizza

Another day of way too many calories but I burned tons on the dance floor. I made bad decisions in the late night hours but I did GREAT the first half of the day. I have decided to use this as an opportunity. You may notice that 3:30 and 5:30 AM are after mid-night I have decided to switch up how I calculate a day. From here on out a day will be from when I wake up to when I go to sleep just like the rest of the world. It makes more sense and it keeps me from using the mid-night dividing line for leverage.

Good Stuff: Hanging with shortie and her friends at brunch, sharing info about clean eating and, dancing the night away with so many amazing friends, possibly starting dancing salsa again with Gahdeer, singing REO Speedwagon in bed w/ Beau when I couldn't sleep

Stuff to Improve: Walk Jersey longer, wake up for Project Poolside, have a specific easy to remember plan for eating when I know I will be drinking

Stuff I learned: Kona has a good turkey burger and walking is as important as sleeping (see previous post)

Walking as Important as Sleep

Great article on the importance of walking. I will definitely try to make my walk with Jersey longer now and make them a bigger priority. It will be good for both of us. I will add my walk time length to the daily report.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2 (a little late) and 3 (kind of on time)

Day 2

12:30 AM Salmon Wrap (yummy)
3:45 AM Turkey and Bean Chili (yummy again; gets better each day as the flavors marinate)
6:30 AM Little bit of popcorn and small bowl of cereal
4:00 PM Jersey longer walk
4:30 PM Kefir and Granola
7:30 PM little bit of chips and fresh guac
8:30 PM Chickpea Tangine ( SO FREAKING GOOD I AM PROUD OF THIS ONE!! )
11:15 PM Chocolate Snack Pack

Total Approx. Calories = 1600

Good Stuff: I am really liking cooking my own healthy food and I am getting better at it all three recipes this week turned out yummy. Took Jersey on a longer walk it was finally nice outside :)

Stuff to improve:
Calories still a bit high and sugar content is sky high. Should have gotten in a workout but didn't.

Stuff I Learned:
If it looks like a cucumber even though it is labeled a zucchini it is a cucumber but its okay because cucumber does taste good in Chickpea Tangine

Day 3 NOT A GOOD DAY FOR FOOD AND EXERCISE but a great life day

12 AM Lasagna and a Brownie
2:45 AM Brownie
3:30 AM SNACK ATTACK 2 bites cookie 2 small pretzels and almond butter toast
2:30 PM short Jersey walk
3:30 PM Juice and Kefir Shake with Big B
4:15 - 7:15 PM Movies with Beau (Avatar in 3D)
8:00 PM Spin Pizza w/ the family (pizza, salad, wine, and gellato yeah right I am on diet)

Total Approx. Calories = Way to many but a ball park figure = 2300 ish

Good Stuff: Had a great night w/ Beau and Family, Movie was good, I laughed a lot, and I really enjoyed the meal that doubled my daily calories it was not some food controlling me binge (well minus the brownie issues early on).

Stuff to work on: One word; BROWNIES!

Stuff I learned: When I have the munchies I need to go straight to a high protein high fiber food with good fats and it ends the grazing decreasing the feeling of failure.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maximize Your Happiness Potential

Great article on taking control of your own happiness with great practical ideas about how to lift your mood, maintain a positive outlook, and reap all the benefits that come with it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 1

3:30 am 1/2 salmon wrap w/ lots of veggies and a little avocado
4:30 am a bunch of super yummy pan popped popcorn from a co-worker
6:40 am String Cheese
4:00 pm Cereal and soy milk and a hard boiled egg
6:30 pm -7:30 pm PROJECT POOLSIDE @ SCOTT FITNESS (aka boot camp for your booty)
7:40 pm Shake w/ Big B (my new B vitamin mix, made the shake yummier and healthier at the same time)
8:10 pm Skin from left over baked potato
9:40 pm Amy's Kitchen Burrito w/ homemade guac; spinach salad w/ guac and a little dressing and 1/4 c frozen yogurt

Total Approx. Calories = 1550

Not bad for the 1st day back on track.


Best Stuff: Went to class, stayed in calorie range, got new Big B vitamin powder (that I won on-line)and I like it, took a power nap before work, got the whole CC (children's center)cleaned in 30 min.

Areas to strengthen: Walk Jersey longer, do 8 Min in AM, make better food choices (should have eaten less popcorn, and cereal I had was high in sugar but it's gone now so no more)

Things I learned today: Wear good gym clothes. I didn't today because I was in a hurry so I wore baggy sweats and a t-shirt to class. Bad idea. Not only was it discouraging to look in the mirror it was a pain in the butt. I had to tuck the t-shirt in so it didn't come up or hang down. I will definitely take the extra 2 minutes to put on my stuff designed for the gym from now on.

I also read a great article on the need for sleep. Nothing super shocking but reinforced the power of sleep and the importance of getting enough of it especially if you are trying to lose weight.

The Numbers

I weighed and measured today. These numbers are the starting line. Everything before was the warm-up now it is go time.

Smallest part of waist: 37"
Biggest part of belly (around belly button): 41"
Hips: 44.5"
Bust: 43"
Chest: 38"
Right Thigh (at largest part): 25.5"
Right Upper Arm (at largest part): 12.75"
Total inches: 241.75"

Weight: 206.4


Lose 30lbs and 30" by 30

Weight: 176.4
Total Inches: 211.74

I will update these numbers every Sunday from here on out.

Once I stop hacking up green stuff daily I will do two trial runs one to see how fast I can complete a mile and one to see how far I can run maintaining a 5 mph pace. And rotate these goals weekly for updates.


Speed: 6 min mile (just one mile all out)
Distance: 13.5 miles

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gina Carano

My boyfriend worships her and so do I. She is my go to for inspiration. She is a healthy bad ass. We have a few things in common that allow me to pretend that all this is worth it because in the end I might look a bit more like her. We are the same height, have a similar build (the boobs I will have to buy later), we have the same hair color, eye color, complexion, smile and dimples. It would be out of this world if I could rock a dress like this for the big 3-0!

How This All Got Started

Food journals and posting them are nothing new. Every book, magazine and health nut advises people to do it but not until my cousin Jessica started doing hers on FB did it hit home. I have wanted to be like her since I was a kid so of course the instant she started this "thing" it became cooler. It grew into something much bigger friends and strangers were supportive, I became addicted to writting everything down, and something really cool happened I had a support network instantly. I am hoping this new format adds a new demension to this healthy habit and continues to cultivate and grow this support source. Antoher crazy thing happened I did it purely to motivate myself but magically it motivated other people. I can't wait to see how this grows and develops and pushes me forward in my quest.

I knew I used food as a stress reliever but I had no idea to what extent or what to do about it. Going through the therapeutic process on-line through taught me a lot about myself, my issues and how to deal with them. Although the cookie cutter approach wasn't a perfect fit for me and my issues (but pretty dang close) it was definitely worth the small fees. I encourage anyone looking to change their relationship with food to check it out.

It is never to late to be what you might have been

Like the commercial says, "here's to the beginning." Everything is so fun and exciting in this phase even a thing as daunting as changing your entire life. The ideas are intoxicating, the potential invigorating and the reality challenging. And I am ready to take it all on.

Here's a quick overview of how I see this blog thing playing out. I work weird hours so if I don't pick a specific 24 hour period to call a day my life gets hectic and keeping track of a daily food journal is impossible. I have decided that a midnight to midnight approach is really the best way to go accountability wise. So, starting tonight at midnight I will beginning recording everything I eat and when I exercise. I will then report back to the world at the end of the 24 hours with the results.

Whenever I feel like it I will post all kinds of additional stuff. Pictures, links, quotes whatever gets me motivated that day. I have a lot I want to post to bring everyone up to speed, things like inspirations, books I am reading, websites that have been helpful, runs I want to complete, songs that get me moving and visualization exercises that really helped. I will be working on getting these things up ASAP.

Just FYI this is my first blog ever and I am not 100% how it works or how it will go. I will attempt to link it to my FB page to keep in touch with the folks there whom have been so supportive.