Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rock the Parkway

I am officially signed- up to be a part of the traffic jam on March 27th. My first run in two years and my 2nd ever. As I signed up I felt my motivation sky rocket. I have to run now I paid for it! PLEASE join me if you are in the KC area or want to visit in March!!

Day 7

Today was much better! I didn't really record a food log but trust me I ate way better, no pizza, brownies or buffets!! I took Jersey on a longer walk and I cooked like a crazy person. Before coming home from work I went to the grocery store and bought everything I needed to make the 3 recipes I have chosen for the week. Beau came over when he got out of class to hangout and do laundry. He ended up being my own personal sous chef I was just a prep cook. I read the recipes and prepped the ingredients and he cooked them up perfectly. I always seem to learn the most on cooking days here is a sampling of what I learned:

1) Beef Stew does NOT need cumin or red pepper
2) Sometimes less really is more; if you buy quality ingredients you don't need to smother the flavors
3) Blood oranges are awesome
4) The meat at HyVee is from Iowa
5) Each shopping trip gets cheaper
6) Garlic, ginger root and other spices go a super long way when you buy fresh and prepare yourself
7) Stew meat is cheap and yummy (at least when Beau cooks it) all by its self
8) Cooking w/ Beau is fun, the food tastes better and things go much smoother
9) Ginger is yummy and fragrant
10) Healthy, flavorful food is way better than the crap I used to crave (ok still crave at times but I can't imagine it much longer)
11) You don't need a zester if you have a fork, or a food processor if you have a sharp knife
15) Rolling pins are very versatile

My favorite recipe for the week is definitely the orange pork loin. If you want the recipe (and you do it is so yummy and so easy) let me know and I will email it to you or post it.

Good Stuff: cooking w/ Beau, following through on the plan, walking Jersey longer, and cooking w/ Beau

Stuff to Improve: workout, workout, workout!!! Stick to the schedule tomorrow and beyond