Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 6


Sheesh!! On the upside I meal planned and grocery shopped. Day 7-11 are planned and prepared for, from here on out I am thinking plan on Fridays, shop on Saturdays and cook on Sundays. Yes, it takes that much for me to get it right and I have to have stuff cooked for my return to work it makes all the difference in the world. My guts feel gross bad eating is such a cycle that will have to be broken over and over again. Tomorrow begins the good cycle, exercise, feel good, eat good, feel good, exercise, feel good, eat good...

On the menu for days 7-11

Chicken lettuce wraps
Protein shake w/ Kefir and Big B
Hummus and Red Pepper & 1/4 c Fro Yo
Beef Stew w/ Squash
Pork Loin and Orange Sauce
A 200 Calorie protein/fiber rich snack (almond butter and sprouted grain bread or apple)

total = 1500 calories per day = lots of yummy goodness, protein, veggies etc = Good Weekend Updates

I am Freakin Proud of Myself

Adding those little progress bars was a huge hassle. I searched for widgets and gadgets and add-ons. In the end I used common sense and the cut and paste button. One of the Blogs I follow had these cool graphs and so I right clicked on them got the source codes then cut and pasted them and re-wrote then to fit my needs. I am extremely proud of myself considering I am NOT a code person at all this is the first time I have ever tried to do anything with that stuff. So for everyone's quick refrence and my own sense of accomlishment I present to you my Weight Loss and Debt Reduction bars. Reminder that is not all my debt just all the non school debt (credit cards, medical bills, and a speeding ticket due in May is added in there too). Enjoy!!