Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 2 (a little late) and 3 (kind of on time)

Day 2

12:30 AM Salmon Wrap (yummy)
3:45 AM Turkey and Bean Chili (yummy again; gets better each day as the flavors marinate)
6:30 AM Little bit of popcorn and small bowl of cereal
4:00 PM Jersey longer walk
4:30 PM Kefir and Granola
7:30 PM little bit of chips and fresh guac
8:30 PM Chickpea Tangine ( SO FREAKING GOOD I AM PROUD OF THIS ONE!! )
11:15 PM Chocolate Snack Pack

Total Approx. Calories = 1600

Good Stuff: I am really liking cooking my own healthy food and I am getting better at it all three recipes this week turned out yummy. Took Jersey on a longer walk it was finally nice outside :)

Stuff to improve:
Calories still a bit high and sugar content is sky high. Should have gotten in a workout but didn't.

Stuff I Learned:
If it looks like a cucumber even though it is labeled a zucchini it is a cucumber but its okay because cucumber does taste good in Chickpea Tangine

Day 3 NOT A GOOD DAY FOR FOOD AND EXERCISE but a great life day

12 AM Lasagna and a Brownie
2:45 AM Brownie
3:30 AM SNACK ATTACK 2 bites cookie 2 small pretzels and almond butter toast
2:30 PM short Jersey walk
3:30 PM Juice and Kefir Shake with Big B
4:15 - 7:15 PM Movies with Beau (Avatar in 3D)
8:00 PM Spin Pizza w/ the family (pizza, salad, wine, and gellato yeah right I am on diet)

Total Approx. Calories = Way to many but a ball park figure = 2300 ish

Good Stuff: Had a great night w/ Beau and Family, Movie was good, I laughed a lot, and I really enjoyed the meal that doubled my daily calories it was not some food controlling me binge (well minus the brownie issues early on).

Stuff to work on: One word; BROWNIES!

Stuff I learned: When I have the munchies I need to go straight to a high protein high fiber food with good fats and it ends the grazing decreasing the feeling of failure.