Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 8


Ate GOOD food and came in at exactly 1500 calories. I took Jersey on a long walk and did Project Poolside at the gym! I almost went to class in sweats and a tee again but I remembered my "stuff I learned" entry and took the 30 sec. needed to change and I was right it feels/looks way better.

Basically followed the plan I laid out in the previous post except I had 1/2 a glass of wine w/ my hummus and red pepper instead of frozen yogurt.

Good Stuff: yummy food, following the plan, class, wore good work out clothes, and vegging out with Beau after class

Stuff to Improve: ??? Life was pretty great today, ummm ... I need to drink more water!

Stuff I Learned: warming red peppers in a skillet then dipping them in hummus is freakin yummy!!