Wednesday, March 17, 2010

iPod Playlist

I have a few songs that always get me moving during different parts of my run. I would love to hear yours.

"Knock you Down" Kari Hilson and Kanye West (my opener)
"Run this Town" Jay Z, Rhianna and Kanye (RUN, this town)
"Beautiful Liar" Shakira and Beyonce
"Empire State of Mind" Jay z and Alicia Keys
"American Boy" Estelle and Kanye
"Future Sex Love Sound" Justin Timberlake
"Rockin Robin" Jackson 5
"Bring'em Out" TI
"Don't Stop Believing" Journey

The pauses between songs and stuff throw me off. I may have to invest in getting a couple 45 min mixes made. I am taking suggestions on songs to include.


  1. I have a pretty eclectic music mix. I listen to:

    AC/DC (All night long)
    Buck Cherry (crazy bitch)
    Lady Gaga (poker face)
    INXS (Pretty Vegas)
    Kesha (Tick Tok)

    Too many more to list.

  2. I normally don't run with music but your play list seems awesome. I will have to take a few of these down. I love "bring'em out"! This song always gets me going!

  3. That is one of the only AC/DC songs I like, good choice. And why do I like "tick-tok"? I don't know but it does make me move.

  4. All American Rejects really get me going. Bounce music that I can run with the beat is my favorite!